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I remember the walks we never had under the stars we never saw and the chances to make memories that I missed. I curse myself more and more each day that you're gone. I think of all the times we talked and all that's left for me to say is that I care about you more than anyone else.

I need you more and more each day, I need you here with me. I swear that one day I will see you, and I'll never leave your side.

I can't help keep thinking of the last time that I saw you, of all the things I left unsaid, of all the late night conversations when I should’ve been begging you to stay instead of flying away in the morning. Spread your wings and come flying back to me.

Maybe Fate has a different plan for us, a future where we can always be together. Until that day I swear you’re in my thoughts and prayers…but still…
I miss her with all my heart and soul. She knows who she is, that is all that matters.
Mists-of-Onyx Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2007
It actually hurt to read your revamped version on myspace. Wow. I'm glad you're happy where you are, and say what you need to say I suppose.
TyraMcKinnon Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2006
Awww! That's nice.
Andre-Lestat Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2006
Thank you ^^
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September 11, 2006
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